What To Do In Your Garden In Autumn

When autumn rolls around, many people give up on their garden and think that until spring rolls back up, their work is done. However, true gardeners know that in the autumn there are enough things to do to keep a busy schedule, and of course, you can also keep it on the light side if you prefer just to tidy up a bit for the next season. If you are in the market to prepare a few plants that will last you over the winter, we have some advice for you.

So, let’s get down to some of the most common things you can do for your garden during the autumn time.

BordersTidy up the borders of your garden

When autumn rolls around the corner your garden is full of dead leaves and other debris that you don’t want clogging your new plants that are going to start their new season. Remove all the dead leaves and collapsed stems, but also don’t forget to pluck out all the newly grown weeds that want to use up all the nutrients from your earth.

Out with the old, in with the new

Cut away the old crops that have not yet withered away, as they will continue to take the minerals in your ground without producing anything beneficial. Make sure that you leave the ones that can stay alive through the winter time, but also check what kind of protection they might need and figure out if you can provide it, or else risk that your earth won’t be packed with essential minerals for your spring plants.

Tidy up the plant’s supports

Every plant needs a support if it’s going to grow in the path that you wish it to. To keep these things working through the seasons you have to store them in a dry place during the winter time. So, the best time to start tidying up is during the autumn.Garden-Plant's

Make the repairs and replacements at this time

Like we said some people don’t want to make a big deal during the autumn and winter so they like to prepare things for spring. During the autumn time, you can start making the rapiers of the things that you noticed during this year. Additionally, if you plan to make some big changes and replacements for your garden than the autumn is the perfect time to make them, as you will leave more time for the spring blooming, which is always better than to start making repairs at that time.

Plant some winter pots

There are tons of good plants that you can plant for the winter and you can start with the heucheras, thymes, Sempervivum and much more. Just make sure that you don’t leave them out to freeze and make a proper leaf protector for them.